Walk at Lake Trasimeno

  • 14 February , 2024

Lago Trasimeno is an hour’s drive from our Agriturismo; a real tourist attraction, especially during the summer months. However, in addition to the activities on the lake, this area also offers many opportunities for cycling (mountain bike) and walking in unspoilt nature. We set out on a sunny October afternoon to explore the lake and its beautiful surroundings and to discover its history.

In one of our hiking guides of the Agriturismo a walk is described at Lake Trasimeno. The walk largely runs over the border ridge between Umbria and Tuscany and offers beautiful views over the lake. In addition, during this route you will also be immersed in Roman history because on June 21, 217 BC “The battle of Lake Trasimeno” took place, right here. This was one of the battles during the Second Punic War (Rome versus Carthage). Come explore with us!

The walk

Our route starts near the village of Tuoro sul Trasimeno. You can easily park your car on the street side opposite the landmark: Percorso della battaglia del Trasimeno 4 tappa (Google Maps). The full route is clearly indicated by red and white arrows. We start our walk at Localita’ Ca’ di Giano. At the end of this street, we turn right and walk up a sandy road, through the olive groves, to Castello di Montegualandro. At the top you reach the border ridge between Umbria and Tuscany. This part of the walk is truly breathtaking. On one side you see Umbria and its Trasimeno Lake, surrounded by rolling hills. On the other side you can see the flatter relief of Tuscany. You follow the ridge, through the forest, to the Colle dei Termini. There the descent starts towards the village of Sanguineto. Eventually, a wide avenue between the high cypresses leads you back to the starting point of the hike. For a detailed walking route you can always send us a message or email via our contact page. The walking route is also available in our Agriturismo.

The history

What makes the walk extra interesting is the historical event that took place there thousands of years ago. A part of the walk is located in the valley of Lake Trasimeno. This is the area where Hannibal defeated the Romans in a short but fierce battle. The Roman Consul Caio Flaminio lost his life during this fight; better known as the Battle of Lake Trasimeno. An important fight, which took place in 217 BC during the Second Punic War.

One night before the event, the Roman camp settled in the valley on the shores of Lake Trasimeno. The next morning, the thick fog and tactical position of the Carthaginians ambushed Hannibal’s enemy. The Roman soldiers were completely surprised by the army of Hannibal, hidden in the bushes. This caused a severe defeat to the Romans: 15,000 soldiers were killed, including their consul, and 6,000 soldiers were taken prisoner. It was an immense massacre. Some nearby villages and streets are still named after the historic event. For example: “Localita’ Sanguineto”. Sanguineto means river of blood. This street name refers to the water of Lake Trasimeno that turned blood red for days.